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Considerations for Pollinators in Your Winter Garden

Author: Lisa Trapp

It’s easy to take our pollinator friends into consideration when the bright blooms of spring and fall are literally buzzing with activity, and when the lazy days of summer encourage nearby bees and butterflies to look for salt on sweaty arms. But we need to think of these helpful heroes in the winter too, creating a pollinator-friendly green space is a year-round endeavor.


Most bees and butterflies will be in a dormant period or state of “diapause” over the winter.

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Winter Tool Maintenance

Author: Mary Petres

Hello Gardeners! Though it may seem as if the garden has slipped into peaceful slumber and we should do the same, a gardener’s chores are never done.  Spring and summer will creep up before you know it, and there is plenty that we can do now to have a more fruitful start to the growing season.

With that in mind, let’s talk tools!  This is an excellent time to take stock of your tools and provide a bit of T.L.C. 

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