Our roots.

What began in 2010 as a collaboration between the Boxwood, James River, Three Chopt, and Tuckahoe Garden Clubs to create or improve green spaces has grown into a full fledged non-profit organization that continues to make an impact through projects like 14th Street Corridor, Great Shiplock Park and The Low Line along the Virginia Capital Trail.

Today, with a Board of Trustees and two paid staff, we care deeply about our Richmond community. We demonstrate this through our advocacy and our actions. We believe that public green places are our “common wealth” and are essential to our community’s health and growth. Our work revolves around creating environmentally responsible and pleasing places for others to engage with our natural environment as outdoor classrooms, meeting places, and play spaces.

As a public-private partnership, we bring together the City, corporations, other nonprofits, foundations and individuals to create a greener and more livable city. Capital Trees consistently logs more than 1,200 volunteer hours annually to ensure all visitors experience the beauty of professionally designed and maintained gardens in a dense urban core. 

In 2016, Governor Terry McAulliffe, designated our three signature projects —The Low Line, Great Shiplock Park, and the 14th Street Initiative— as Virginia Treasures.