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In spring of 2020 we completed the Low Line Green which is a reclamation of one and a half acres east of the Flood Wall. The space is capable of capturing and filtering 148,000 gallons of polluted rainwater annually, and will help to improve stormwater quality. We planted thousands of native plants, trees, and shrubs to provide year round beauty, shade, and pollen and nectar for wildlife.

Now, in 2022, Capital Trees continues its decade-long work to build public landscapes and enrich the community. The past two years have revealed the importance and power of urban greenspace, and highlighted the need for our work. As we pursue our mission, we are taking Capital Trees to a different level to meet that demand. 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Capital Trees accomplished the following last year:

Your contributions to Capital Trees support a greener and more livable Richmond and help Capital Trees fulfill its program areas:  Build, Manage, Educate.  Guided by our strategic plan and with your support, Capital Trees will build more public landscapes, continue to manage the landscapes built to date, and educate about the value of these landscapes for our communities.  

Thank you for your support.

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