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Low Line Refresher

Four years ago, we completed the Low Line. Four years ago, we leveraged the power of community support, elbow grease, and hardworking native plants to transform the stretch of land between Great Shiplock Park and the Floodwall.

And in four years, we’ve experienced a wide array of weather patterns that have put our plants to the test. From droughts to flooding, and everything in between. We’ve gotten a sense for which plants flourish and thrive in the space, and which ones struggle, and we’ve adapted accordingly. 

In those same four years, the Low Line has become an integral part of the Richmond community. Each year, more than 300,000 people walk, bike, skate, scooter, segway, or otherwise experience the Low Line when they use that part of the Virginia Capital Trail. Many residents of Shockoe Bottom visit the Low Line daily, and some frequent it several times per day. They bring their friends, their dogs, their lunch – and they embrace this special public greenspace.

This urban garden has been well-used and loved. And last week, a few of us spent the day returning the favor. Thanks to a small team of dedicated volunteers, we added over 2,300 new plants to the Low Line. We focused on adding native plants to address drainage in low lying areas, help control weeds, provide food and habitats to wildlife, and maximize the beauty of the space.

We are committed to the ongoing maintenance of each urban garden we create so that they can be enjoyed for years (and decades) to come. Support from our community is essential to our work and is a crucial part of ensuring we can help the gardens remain beautiful and healthy season after season. 

Please consider a gift to Capital Trees as we enter the giving season, it’s truly a gift that gives back.

Special thanks to the volunteers who donated their time to the Low Line refresh:

Anna Aquino – Projects Chair

Cindy Peaseley – Projects Committee Member

Genni Sassnett – Board Member

Meg Turner – Chair of the Board

Julio Mojica and Bryan Puckett – Terra Forma Owners

The Terra Forma Landscaping Team


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