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Meet a Board Member: Anedra Bourne

Anedra Wiseman Bourne is the Deputy Executive Director for Venture Richmond, and thanks to her work in that role, she is no stranger to striving to “enhance the vitality of the community” here in Richmond. She’s been following the work of Capital Trees for more than a decade, and now has stepped up to serve on our Board, lending our organization her invaluable experience. Read our interview with Anedra to learn more about her, our work, and how she thinks folks should get involved. Hint: follow along and spread the word, volunteer, or make a gift.

Q. When and how did you learn about the work Capital Trees does throughout Richmond, VA?

A. I believe that it’s been more than 10 years since Susan Robertson introduced me to Capital Trees. Her passion for the City, especially enhancing and greening areas throughout downtown, has been infectious!

Q. What inspired you to want to be on the Capital Trees Board? 

A. The work that we do at Venture Richmond through our beautification efforts downtown (in addition to sharing office space w/ the Capital Trees staff) made it easy to say yes. Efforts to increase plantings throughout downtown are something that’s important to residents and visitors alike.

Q. What skill set, knowledge, professional experience, or unique perspective do you bring to the Board? 

A. I’ve been in Richmond and worked downtown within the tourism industry for most of my 20 years in both non-profit, local, and state government. So, navigating and having contacts across various constituencies is something I think can be helpful.

Q. In your own words, why do you think urban green spaces are a vital resource? 

A. Offering a respite for residents and visitors is a great escape and retreat, especially in Richmond’s urban environment. The opportunity to hear the “sounds of the city” while also enjoying a beautifully landscaped space offers the best of both.

Q. What Capital Trees contribution or project are you most proud of or excited about? 

A. I love the Low Line Green, as I think it really helped put the organization on the map!

Q. What should more people know about Capital Trees? 

A. That they can use more help from the community whether through volunteerism or philanthropy!

Q. What do you feel is Capital Trees biggest need? 

A. Expanded knowledge throughout the community of what can be done throughout Richmond to enhance other urban forestry and landscaping efforts.

Q. What are you most looking forward to in the next year or over your Board term? 

A. Working with new colleagues on efforts less familiar to me and learning new things.

Q. How do you foresee the organization transforming in the coming years? 

A. My hope is that CT will gain a larger following and make more of an impact throughout Downtown Richmond, especially as it relates to enhancing and/or creating new green spaces.

Q. What’s your favorite plant/plot/project of Capital Trees?  

The Low Line Green. It’s in a unique pocket of the City where it’s so unassuming to find an oasis in the middle of such an urban area.

A. What is your favorite public landscape/green space?

This will sound a bit silly, and it’s simple, but a little pocket park in Annapolis, MD that was dedicated to my paternal grandfather, J. Alexander Wiseman, decades ago when I was little. Ironically, I used to work right next door to it in my first tourism job.

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