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Introducing our Sustainable Management Focus

Author:  Anna G. Aquino

I cringe when I think of the many times I have promoted the value of a plant, star magnolia comes to mind, stating that “its leaves in August are pristine, not a bite taken out of them. I suggest we plant it!” It is easier to forgive myself when I read Doug Tallamy, the famous entomologist who many credit with igniting native plants awareness and author of Bringing Nature Home.

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Featured Plant – Spicebush Lindera benzoin

Winter fades into spring, the sunshine hits a little warmer, pollinators begin to appear bouncing among the earliest blooms and the mid-story of Virginia’s forests glow with flashes of yellow as Northern Spicebush (Lindera benzoin), affectionately known as “Forsythia of the woods” bursts into bloom. This Capital Region native, is an exciting spring bloomer, but it also has tremendous value for gardeners, wildlife, history, and even foragers of today.

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