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Engaging Volunteers in Public Landscapes

Author: Lisa Trapp

Properly caring for gardens requires a year round investment of time and resources. Even when planting with predominantly native species, there is not much time for rest. Winters are filled with combating invasive species and winter weeds. Summers are spent tackling annual weeds, and long periods of heat and drought — when extra attention to watering and plant health become the priority. When working with public gardens,

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Introducing our Emphasis on Sustainability and Writer on Sustainability

Author:  Kevin Finto, Chair of Board of Trustees

Anna Aquino is a wonderfully creative landscape designer.  I knew that from her work around Richmond.  What I did not know before I joined Capital Trees with her a few years ago is that she is passionate about sustainable gardening.  Anna has committed a staggering amount of time and effort researching and cataloging techniques, experimenting with them, testing them, and educating others about what works and what does not work. 

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