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GREAT SHIPLOCK PARK REFRESH — 2022 Update and What’s Still to Come

Author: Mary Petres

In the life of a garden, nine years is an eternity.  If you have ever dabbled in the dirt, you quickly realize that gardening is not a static activity.   Gardens are constantly in a state of change due to factors we can control and those we cannot. Our gardens in Great Shiplock Park (GSP) are no different.  Every day in the garden is a learning experience.

A lot has changed since the initial installation of the Gardens at Great Shiplock Park and the road to today has not been without its challenges. 

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September Plant of the Month: American Hop Hornbeam Ostrya virginiana

Our September Plant of the Month is American Hop Hornbeam Ostrya virginiana.

This tree is native to Virginia and also known as Eastern Hop hornbeam, Ironwood, and Leverwood.

This low maintenance deciduous tree isn’t fussy so it doesn’t require a lot of attention. We’re talking drought-tolerant (once established), able to grow in clay soils, and even somewhat resistant to deer.

Interestingly, it puts off both male and female catkins.

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