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No Mow May

Author: Lisa Trapp

Spring is officially here in Richmond and it seems like most of the chilly weather is behind us. The flowers are blooming and pollinators can be seen floating from plant to plant and humming through early garden blooms. With the gardens slowly waking up, there is also the undeniable pull and peer pressure from neighbors to get out the lawn mower and cut back the grass. For pollinator lovers though,

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Conservation Landscaping in Public Spaces

Author: Shelly Barrick Parsons, Executive Director


Capital Trees is committed to the best practices in sustainable management of public landscapes.  To strengthen our knowledge and practice, Lisa Trapp (Program and Outreach Manager) and I are seeking certification as Level 1 Chesapeake Bay Professional Landscape Professionals through the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Council (1)(2). This certification is for anyone working in conservation landscaping including private and public landscapes.  The certification process includes two days of virtual classes,

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Investigating Invasive Species — A Basic Review

Author: Lisa Trapp


The conversation about invasive species isn’t new. In fact, it seems like every day we turn around and hear about a new invasive plant, insect, reptile, or even bacteria. According to the USGS Invasive Species Program there are more than 6,500 invasive species established in the United States. Though this number can feel really daunting, it’s important to remember that understanding invasive species, how they function, and how to best handle their removal,

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GREAT SHIPLOCK PARK REFRESH — 2022 Update and What’s Still to Come

Author: Mary Petres

In the life of a garden, nine years is an eternity.  If you have ever dabbled in the dirt, you quickly realize that gardening is not a static activity.   Gardens are constantly in a state of change due to factors we can control and those we cannot. Our gardens in Great Shiplock Park (GSP) are no different.  Every day in the garden is a learning experience.

A lot has changed since the initial installation of the Gardens at Great Shiplock Park and the road to today has not been without its challenges. 

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September Plant of the Month: American Hop Hornbeam Ostrya virginiana

Our September Plant of the Month is American Hop Hornbeam Ostrya virginiana.

This tree is native to Virginia and also known as Eastern Hop hornbeam, Ironwood, and Leverwood.

This low maintenance deciduous tree isn’t fussy so it doesn’t require a lot of attention. We’re talking drought-tolerant (once established), able to grow in clay soils, and even somewhat resistant to deer.

Interestingly, it puts off both male and female catkins.

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