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2023 Capital Trees Year In Review

By: Shelly Barrick Parsons, Executive Director

Every weed pulled, dollar given, and tree planted makes a difference. YOU have made a difference with Capital Trees this year. 

Capital Trees’ vision is to build a greener and more livable Richmond. We complete this vision in three program areas: Build, Manage, and Educate. Build: Capital Trees continues to build and transform public greenspaces, and we advise organizations on the development of greenspaces. Manage: We are committed to the continued management of completed projects,

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2023 Year In Review

Author: Mary Petres

As another amazing year in the gardens draws to a close, I count my blessings to be a part of such a wonderful endeavor.  Whether you seek out nature to exercise, meditate, marvel at her beauty, or simply relax, The Low Line offers a pleasant retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Whether you use this space daily or only visit occasionally, a new experience awaits. It may be a new bird you have never seen,

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Sustainable Lawns, Lawn Substitutes, & Mowing 

Author: Anna Aquino

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you are a bee, a messy mixed species lawn is your Mona Lisa.


Who doesn’t like the look of a finely trimmed lawn?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you are a bee, a messy mixed species lawn is your Mona Lisa. Lawn, whether a manicured monoculture or a “natural” one,

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Meet a Board Member: Frazier Armstrong

If you’ve been following Capital Trees for a while, you may have seen this Board Member before. Frazier Armstrong has been closely involved with our organization for years, and was our first Executive Director. Now, she serves on our Board of Trustees and brings a unique perspective to the Board having served as our ED first. Read our interview with Frazier below to get her take on what more people should know about Capital Trees,

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Conservation Landscaping in Public Spaces

Author: Shelly Barrick Parsons, Executive Director


Capital Trees is committed to the best practices in sustainable management of public landscapes.  To strengthen our knowledge and practice, Lisa Trapp (Program and Outreach Manager) and I are seeking certification as Level 1 Chesapeake Bay Professional Landscape Professionals through the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Council (1)(2). This certification is for anyone working in conservation landscaping including private and public landscapes.  The certification process includes two days of virtual classes,

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Meet A Board Member: Jack Cooper

Board Member Jack Cooper is coming up on his 2 year anniversary with Capital Trees, and in that time he’s already been part of some pretty significant progress within our organization. Read our interview with Jack below to see how Capital Trees’ reputation piqued his interest, some of the behind the scenes work that will have a big impact going forward, and what he’s most looking forward to in the next year.


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December 2022 Quarterly Report



Building public landscapes. Enriching the community.

December 2022

End of Year Reflections, Pt 1:  The Year in Pictures

End of Year Reflections, Pt 2:  Project Focused Capital Trees entered 2022 focused on the future through strategic planning. ... Read more »

Meet A Board Member: Ashley Peace

Ashley Peace has been on the Capital Trees Board of Trustees for just over 1.5 years, and brings a wealth of professional experience and knowledge to our organization. She has been active in both Board Committees and at community workdays where she’s gotten her hands in the gardens, picking up native plant knowledge to use in her home garden. Learn more about her background, her work with Capital Trees, and what she’s excited for Capital Trees to accomplish next by reading the interview below.

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October 2022 Quarterly Update


Building public landscapes. Enriching the community.

October 2022

General Update As the gardens grow throughout the summer, so has Capital Trees’ work in garden management, community engagement, and project planning.   We hope you will enjoy this first quarter update. ... Read more »

Friend or Foe? 

Author: Mary Petres

A weed is a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth, especially one that tends to overgrow or choke out more desirable plants. (Missouri Botanical Garden)

In our quest to maintain the gardens at Great Shiplock Park, the Low Line Gardens, and the Low Line Green without the use of herbicides, we use two main strategies. The first is to reduce the seed bank in the soil.

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