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Meet Mary Petres!

We’re so excited to introduce Mary Petres, who has been helping us with our gardens behind the scenes. Mary has had her hands in gardens since she was 11 when she started weeding for a neighbor. Fast forward to 2004, she opened a garden and gift shop in Old Manchester before transitioning her business into a boutique residential landscaping firm where she’s honed her landscaping skills for the past 15 years. 

Mary is a VLNA Certified Horticulturalist, completed the Master Gardener Program and completed the first level of Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional program.

She brings her vast knowledge and expertise about gardening, landscaping, and perennial plants to Capital Trees to help us maintain and care for our gardens year-round.

And from Mary herself? She said: “Obtaining this job brings me full circle from when I worked on The Annabel Lee and Dock Street and ShipLock Park were desolate wastelands to the beautiful green spaces they are today. I am delighted to be a part of the organization responsible for this transformation and look forward to playing a small role in Capital Trees’ mission to create environmentally responsible and pleasing places for others to engage with our natural environment.”

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